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Guangzhou Womala International Trade Co., Ltd. 86-020-3743-2601
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We focus on Auto Parts, XC90 Auto Parts, XC60 Auto Parts, S60 Parts products and so on

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China Guangzhou Womala International Trade Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Womala International Trade Co., Ltd.

Company Profile Established in Guangzhou China, Xinwo Autoparts as a comprehensive company with five branches has engaged in for parts for more than 10 years. There are hundreds of professional staff working in our supply department, sales and logistic support departments. Thanks to the deep cooperation with over 50 factories including 5 joint-stock companies, we have provided a variety of reasonable product solutions and reliable market information constantly to clients around the world over the past ten years. We always strive to offer customers original for parts, domestic parts, original factory supporting OEM accessories, Hella, Mareli ,Bosch and other brand accessories that align with customers’ requirements. Our strong inventory capacity and strict product quality control system can ...

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